Escorted Castle Tours of Germany

(Optional up to a 14 day tour)


  • Burg Eltz Castle in Wierschem
  • Cochem Castle in Cochem
  • Lichtenstein Castle in Lichtenstein
  • Hohenzollern Castle in Bisingen
  • Hohenschwangau Castle in Hohenschwangau
  • Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau
  • Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Hohenschwangau
  • Linderhof Palace in Ettal
  • 2.5 hour Rhine River Castle Cruise

Day 1: River Cruise on the Rhine with Castle Sightseeing and Loreley Rock

We will pick you up at the airport in Frankfurt. We will drive 1.5 hours to the region of Rhineland-Palatinate where you will check-in at your castle hotel! There you will take a 2.5 hour Rhine River cruise to view the numerous castles along the river banks. Experience the enchanting legend of the Loreley Rock and the myth of the Loreley which is still unbroken. The unpredictable currents and the special nature of the Rhine valley at the foot of the Loreley rock were the cause for the legend about a beautiful blonde virgin whose beauty and singing lured countless fishermen on to destruction. Even today, the conditions still pose a challenge to the skippers. You can let your imagination run wild and admire the legendary Loreley Rock in its entire splendor. In the evening you will enjoy a candlelight dinner at the castle hotel and then you will have free time to walk the castle grounds or just relax after your flight.

Day 2: Burg Eltz Castle

After breakfast, you will travel approximately 1.5 hours to the city of Wierschem. You will then make your way to Burg Eltz Castle, which has been owned and cared for by the same family from when it was built until today. The castle is over 850 years old and has remained unscathed by wars. After the Castle tour, you will stop by to view the Collegiate Church of St. Martin and St. Severus. The 12th Century Romanesque-Gothic church is also known as "May Field Münster". Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk and relax in the lovely village.

Day 3: Cochem Castle

After breakfast, you will enjoy a beautiful 45 minute drive to the village of Cochem. You will make your way to Cochem Castle, originally built around the year 1000 AD. The neo-gothic building rise more than about 330 ft above the river Moselle with walls as high as 17 feet and up to 12ft thick! You will also visit the ruins of Winneburg Castle, built on a nearby mountain ridge. After the castle tour, you will visit the village where the remains of the old town wall still stand. You will see the "Endert gate Tower" with its adjoining Guard House dating back to 1332, the fortified tower and "Balduin's gate" near the churchyard wall in the "Obergasse", the "Burgfrieden gate" and gangway, the beautiful baroque styled town hall built in 1739, the market-place with its "Martin's Fountain" and the old gabled houses built on steep, narrow alleys. Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk the historic streets of Cochem.

Day 4: Lichtenstein Castle

After breakfast, you will travel approximately 4 hours to the city of Lichtenstein. You will then make your way the Lichtenstein Castle, located at the edge of the Swabian Alps, 817 meters above sea level. Built in 1390, was considered to be one of the best-fortified fortresses of the Middle Ages and withstood every single attack. In 1567, the castle had lost its status as a ducal seat and deteriorated. In 1802 the building was dismantled to its foundation walls and replaced as a prestigious hunting lodge. In 1837, the hunting lodge was built to a German medieval knight’s castle from 1840-42. Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk and relax in the lovely village.

Castle Tours of Germany – 8 Day Europe Tour

Cost:   Adults / $2,395*

            Students (ages 6-12) / $995

            Children 5 and under / Free

Spring 2021 Special

Offer $500 off Adults /  $200 off Students

*Based on Double Adult Occupancy.

Single room supplement: 

Children under the age of 12 are required to share a room with an accompanying adult. There is a maximum of 2 children with 2 adults.

The tour includes:

  • All ground transportation from flight arrival in Frankfurt and to flight departure in Munich.
  • Tour in private auto/minibus, with transportation to and from all tours and restaurants on the itinerary.
  • All accommodations are in a clean comfortable hotel, bed & breakfast or country inn. (German 3-5 star standards) Located in central locations and with private bathrooms.
  • Breakfast each morning.
  • Dinner each evening with two free drinks (beer, wine, soda, juice or water only).
  • Free beer, wine, schnapps and non-alcoholic beverages served while traveling between cities and tours.
  • Entry and tour fees of all sights mentioned in the itinerary.

The tour does NOT include:

  • Airfare to and from Germany.
  • Meals other than those indicated in the itinerary.
  • Beverages other than those indicated in the itinerary.
  • Free time transportation or sightseeing.
  • Personal expenses for shopping, etc. 

Optional tours:

We have handpicked our tours to give you the must-see sites with a relaxed and enjoyable vacation. We understand that some people have different interest than others. We will try to accommodate special requests such as a special tour, a historical site, a river cruise or just a special dinner. Please feel free to contact us.

Day 5: Hohenzollern Castle

After breakfast, you will then travel approximately 45 minutes to Hohenzollern Castle in Bisingen, which dates back as early as 1061. In 1423, the Castle was completely destroyed. Beginning in 1454, the second Hohenzollern Castle was constructed bigger and even more fortified than before. With its many towers and fortifications, it is an acclaimed masterpiece of military architecture in the 19th century. Additional civil architectural elements make it to a unique attraction. The location on the most beautiful mountain in Swabia, gives the Castle a picturesque appearance. The castle contains essential parts of historical art collections, including a significant picture gallery, valuable silver and china as well as the Prussian King’s Crown. Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk and relax in beautiful Lichtenstein.

Day 6: Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle

After breakfast, you will travel approximately 2.5 hours to the city of Hohenschwangau. Our first castle tour of the day will be the Hohenschwangau Castle. The existence of the Hohenschwangau castle was documented in the 12th century. Until 1535 it remained in the possession of the Knights of Schwangau and due to successive wars over the centuries, left the castle in ruins. Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria had the ruin of Schwanstein Castle reconstructed according to the original neo-Gothic style from 1832-1836. The yellow Gothic castle is where King Ludwig II spent his childhood. Afterwards, you will take a 40 min walk or a horse-drawn wagon up to Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as "the castle of the fairy-tale king". This is the most popular castle in Europe and possibly in the world with over 1.4 million visitors each year. Even though it looks medieval, Neuschwanstein was built between 1869 and 1886. Only a third of the castle’s interior was finished by the time of Ludwig’s mysterious death nearby in Lake Starnberg in 1886, at the age of 41. After touring both castles, you will walk to the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. You will enjoy a unique exhibition within a journey through time into the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty and their Bavarian Kings. You will experience the history of King Ludwig II and his family in the authentic vicinity of the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Precious objects, fascinating stories and interactive media stations will provide you an extraordinary insight into the history of the former Royal Family. Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk the magical streets below the overlooking castles.

Day 7: Linderhof Palace

After breakfast, you will then travel approximately 45 minutes to Linderhof Palace in Ettal. It is the smallest of the three palaces built byKing Ludwig II of Bavaria and the only one which he lived to see completed. Ludwig already knew the area around Linderhof from his youth when he had accompanied his father King Maximilian II on his hunting trips in the Bavarian Alps. When Ludwig II became King in 1864 he inherited the so-called King's Cottage from his father, and in 1869 began enlarging the building. Although Linderhof is much smaller than Versailles, it is evident that the palace of the French Sun-King Louis XIV (who was an idol for Ludwig) was its inspiration. The staircase is a reduction of the famous Ambassador's staircase in Versailles. King Ludwig II was fascinated by the mystical world of the Orient and the romantic medieval age of chivalry, but above all by the splendor of the Bourbon court. At Linderhof, he set out to recreate the palace and gardens of Versailles, the magnificent former residence of the Sun King Louis XIV. Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner and then free time to walk and relax.

Day 8: Departure from Munich, Germany

After breakfast at your hotel, we will be happy to take you to the airport for your departure or you can continue your vacation in Germany.