About Us

We are a family owned business that understands the need for a more "Family Time" vacation instead of spending your vacation with strangers on cramped large buses.

Our escorted tours are offered in the English language. The tours are conducted by one of our tour directors who will take care of all services from beginning to end of your tour. This includes hotels, transportation, transfers to and from the airport/hotel and most meals.

Our tours are unique in which we offer free alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages with European snacks as you travel from city to city. Each day breakfast and dinner is included with your quoted price.

While visiting some European cities , you will also have a local experienced tour guide. These are somewhat similar to escorted tours but you will be greeted by a local representative. Local guided tours will be in the English language and will go deeper with the information of the sites. The local guides will deliver the amazing history, from the darkest hours to the brightest moments and will be available to answer questions throughout the duration of your tour.

Come explore the most picturesque parts of Germany and its neighboring European countries at a relaxed pace. Imagine yourself touring Buckingham Palace in London, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, enjoying fresh brewed coffee in Amsterdam or riding a gondola down the Grand Canal in Venice! Join us as you wander through medieval towns, cobblestone streets, travel through beautiful mountains, see fairytale castles, tour some of Europe’s oldest beer breweries and savor great food, beer and wine in local taverns and beer gardens.


Our friendly and helpful tour guides will make sure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation.  This is our home and it's our mission to help you feel at home too!